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Sublime Text 2 2051 [Sublime Text 2 PPA]

Sublime Text 2 was updated to build 2051 in the Sublime Text 2 PPA. Besides the changelog below, I’ve also updated the debianization: there was a bug that caused the update not to work if you had Sublime Text 2 open when upgrading. Nobody was affected by this bug because until now there was only one Sublime Text 2 version uploaded to the Sublime Text 2 PPA. Also, I’ve added a new dependency (libgio-cil) which should make Sublime Text 2 support single-instance (though I’ve understood this doesn’t work for everybody - this is a libgio/Sublime Text 2 issue and there’s nothing I can do about it).


  • Bracket matching is smarter, and will ignore brackets in comments and strings
  • OSX and Linux: Fixed a bug that could result in spiraling CPU usage
  • Added “:;” pairing in CSS
  • Reworked Layout menu
  • Scroll bar pucks are rendered with subpixel precision
  • Windows and Linux: Moving to the right by words will stop at the end of words, rather than the beginning
  • OSX: Improved minimap rendering quality
  • OSX: Fixed a regression in 2046 with some keyboard layouts, such as Japanese and Chinese
  • OSX: Changed mouse button bindings. Ctrl+Left Mouse will now open a context menu
  • Linux: Current window is brought to front when opening a file from the command line
  • Linux: Context menu is shown on button press, instead of button release
  • "Remove Folder" is now "Remove Folder from Project"
  • Fixed ordering of the Default package
  • Fixed Wrap Paragraph not correctly accounting for leading whitespace
  • API: Added sublime.version() and sublime.channel()
  • API: Fixed view.set_status() and view.erase_status() not refreshing the status bar

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