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Natty Uploads: Gnome Window Applets, Nautilus Columns, Talika, Zaz, awn-applet-wm, parcellite

The following packages that were already available in the WebUpd8 PPA are now available for Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narhwal too (have been uploaded a few seconds ago): Gnome Window Applets, Nautilus Columns, Talika (update also available in the WebUpd8 Talika PPA), Zaz, awn-applet-wm, parcellite (yes, it’s still without an appindicator).

For a description of each package, click the links. Package names: “gnome-window-applets”, “nautilus-columns”, “talika”, “zaz”, “awn-applet-wm” and “parcellite”

PPA: main WebUpd8 PPA

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