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SolusOS Patched Nautilus 3.4 Updated With Patch From Ubuntu


The SolusOS patched Nautilus available in the WebUpd8 Experiments PPA has been updated today with the latest patches from Ubuntu.


  • Both Ubuntu 12.10 and 12.04: added patch to fix broken symlinks created for files on gvfs mount (LP: #1090344)
  • On Ubuntu 12.04: added patch to fix rename editbox a11y problem

This Nautilus doesn’t only uses the SolusOS patches but also all the Ubuntu patches.

Package info:

  • Description: SolusOS patched Nautilus is Nautilus 3.4 built with patches from SolusOS and all the Ubuntu patches. It comes with a toolbar that spreads across the whole window width, which looks a lot better than the default, along with a configurable toolbar from which you can add or hide: up, refresh, home, computer, search and toggle location/path bar icons
  • Package name: “nautilus”
  • PPA: Experiments
  • Ubuntu versions: 12.10, 12.04

SolusOS Patched Nautilus Updated

The SolusOS patched Nautilus from the Experiments WebUpd8 PPA has been updated today. Changes:

  • Fixed filesystem icon and improved the xdg icon support in the pathbar -> an icon will be displayed if its a drive (root filesystem etc) or it’s an XDG directory (i.e. ~/Desktop/, ~/Pictures, etc.)
  • Better toolbar layout: the search icon is now displayed on the right and the pathbar toggle button is displayed next to the pathbar like it should (if enabled)

Update: I’ve reverted the change that introduces using F12 for the pathbar toggle instead of CTRL + /, which is default in Nautilus. So from now on, CTRL + / is used again for toggling the pathbar.

Package info:

  • Description: Patched Nautilus that bring an unified, customizable toolbar with the back/forward buttons on the left, as well as some smaller patches like for instance a patch to restore the ability to create a .desktop launcher from the Nautilus context menu.
  • Package name: “nautilus”
  • PPA: Experiments
  • Ubuntu version(s): 12.04

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